Higginbotham – Highlights Trucking Trends

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Brent Allred, Transportation Practice Leader and Managing Director with Higginbotham, who discusses the importance of the transportation and trucking industry and why specialization is needed for insurance services. Higginbotham is an employee-owned and customer-inspired insurance and financial services broker that specializes in business insurance, employee benefits, personal insurance, life insurance, risk management and more.

During the interview, Brent talks about some of the major transportation and trucking trends with technology, self-driving and electric vehicles, along with some of the challenges, like parking and power supply for charging stations. He discusses the importance of the industry, how many businesses are family-owned and operated, and how he is taking an active role in serving on a research committee within the industry to help solve challenges and create new opportunities for the future.

Visit www.higginbotham.com or www.higginbotham.net to learn more or email Brent Allred at ballred@higginbotham.net.

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