ChangeMakers Podcast: Justin Levy of Conscious Alliance – Awakening Compassion

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with ChangeMaker, Justin Levy, Executive Director of Conscious Alliance, who shares some of his powerful and inspirational story of managing through hardships, including Cerebral Palsy, enduring 14 surgeries, being in and out of wheelchairs, having to learn how to walk four times before graduating high school, and severe dyslexia, to seek out his purpose and become the Executive Director of a national nonprofit bringing healthy food into underserved communities and fusing music with opportunities to make a positive impact.

During the interview, Justin discusses some of his formative experiences in grade school and how a counselor and then a school trip changed the trajectory of his life, he talks about why and how he got involved in Conscious Alliance, how the nonprofit has grown to become a movement and the importance of their efforts and impact. He shares a number of ways individuals can awaken compassion to find their purpose and make a difference, as well, and highlights an easy way to join in the fight against hunger.

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About Justin Levy: Justin Levy has served as Executive Director of Conscious Alliance since 2012. His focus on expanding the organization’s distribution capabilities resulted in the acquisition of a national distribution center and headquarters in Broomfield, Colorado in 2020, as well as the launch of new and innovative programs to accelerate delivery and impact. Levy has made food quality a priority, improving the health and nutrition standards of donated foods. Levy’s focus lies heavily on serving the Native American and youth communities through seeking donations, as well as implementing gardening programs that align with community culture. On a personal note, Levy’s story of overcoming a life of unique challenges is content-worthy all on its own. With Cerebral Palsy and severe dyslexia, Levy works with his limitations to bring a fierce spirit to support others. Levy has had 14 surgeries, has been in and out of wheelchairs, and has endured thousands of hours of painful physical therapy – and he had to learn how to walk four different times before finishing high school. Due to the hardships he has endured throughout his life, Levy is unable to read or drive. As a highly functioning Executive Director, where he lacks in creating spreadsheets and emails, he makes up for tenfold through inspiration, facilitating a powerful organizational culture, and cultivating meaningful partnerships through strong relationships. Levy holds a degree in Service-Learning Program Development from Warren Wilson College.


2021 Industry Leader & Community Champ Award by Naturally Boulder

Top 25 Influential Young Professionals in Colorado

Biz GenXYZ Awards 40 Under 40 by BizWest

Arthur M. Bannerman Memorial Leadership Award by Warren Wilson College

Frederick G. Ohler Service Award by Warren Wilson College

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