Anchor Impact Fund – Uniting student-athletes, charities, and donors.

Helping student-athletes utilize their influence for good.

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with D’Juan Epps, Executive Director of the Anchor Impact Fund, how highlights the impact-driven nonprofit organization developing and educating Vanderbilt student-athletes as community leaders, and uniting them with charities and donors.

During the interview, D’Juan discusses name, image, likeness (NIL) and how it has impacted college athletics and specifically, Vanderbilt. He talks about the work the Anchor Impact Fund is doing to educate student-athletes and connect them with nonprofit causes so they can use their platforms to make a difference in the community. He also shares why this work is important not just for the student-athletes, nonprofits and Vanderbilt supporters, but for the larger community, as a whole; and then talks about how the community can get involved and support their efforts.

The Anchor Impact Fund is a Tennessee 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation formed for charitable and educational purposes to promote community engagement and strengthen local community charitable organizations and initiatives. Specifically, the Anchor Impact Fund provides opportunities for Vanderbilt student-athletes to learn about community and civic engagement and use their name, image and likeness to participate in and promote local charitable causes. This initiative will also bring much-needed public awareness and attention primarily to underserved local community organizations and initiatives.



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