Hope Church Memphis’ Special Needs Ministry Department: Macky & Friends Ministry

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Pastor Rufus Smith of Hope Church Memphis, along with Donna Nasso, Director of Macky and Friends, which is Hope Church Memphis’ Special Needs Ministry Department, who both highlight the Church and their efforts to provide a safe and comfortable environment where everyone is loved, everyone belongs, and everyone is able to thrive.

During the interview, Pastor Rufus provides some of the background for the ministry, Donna shares her personal story with her son, Jack, and then the two discuss the Special Needs Day Program and their vision for the future. They also talk about the impact of the program on the children, parents, and volunteers, and the importance of building community, as well as how the Mid-South can support their efforts and get involved.

Visit https://www.hopepres.com/special-need... to learn more.

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