BrainTrust – Organization for Ambitious Women Entrepreneurs

Peer mentoring group who helps women entrepreneurs build financial independence, wealth & influence.

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Sherry Deutschmann, Founder and CEO of BrainTrust, and Morgan Stanley, Vice President of Business Development, who both highlight the membership organization for ambitious women entrepreneurs. BrainTrust members use their Vaults to champion and challenge one another to grow their companies to their fullest potential. Women share experiences in a respectful, open, and confidential space, and the organization celebrates the many aspects of diversity in each of their members, staff, and partners.

During the interview, Sherry shares some of her entrepreneurial story and why she created BrainTrust. She and Morgan talk about the process and membership, how the program is effective, and recent success stories. They also talk about expanding from the Nashville, Tennessee area to Memphis and how women entrepreneurs and business owners can learn more and start to get involved.

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