Lucas Jadin & Steve Jones highlight their book, “The Twin Thieves,” and Jadin Jones Coaching

A leader isn’t just someone who happens to be in charge. Culture either happens by design or default. Mindset is a work-in-progress that can either work for or against you.

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Lucas Jadin and Steve Jones, co-founders of Jadin Jones Coaching and co-authors of the bestselling book, “The Twin Thieves: How Great Leaders Build Great Teams,” who both highlight some of their personal backgrounds and how they help leaders and teams across the country reach new heights together. Jadin Jones provides impactful presentations, keynote speeches, and coaching to help strengthen leaders of all backgrounds and organizations of all sizes, from high school athletes to professional sports teams, and from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

During the interview, Lucas shares some of his background working with organizations like the Los Angeles Dodgers, and Steve’s background as a teacher and head football coach who led his team to a record of 129-9, including 70 consecutive wins and five state championships. They talk about the “Why” behind their work, the challenges they help people overcome, lessons from the book, and some specific ways you can rise above the Twin Thieves.

Hear more about:

  • The Why Behind Our Work – “How much of your performance and your team’s performance is mental?”
  • The challenge we help people overcome – “The Twin Thieves” The Fear of Failure and the Fear of Judgment
  • Three specific ways we help people rise above the Twin Thieves.
  • Tools/Ways we can support – Free Email List, Book, Coaching Program

CHANGE STARTS WITH YOU. We’re here to help you become your best so you can help your team become their best. Rise above your personal challenges to become the type of positive, influential leader your team needs you to be: a source of connection, vision, and true motivation.
Twitter/Instagram: @Lucas_JadinTwitter/Instagram: @SteveJonesSPK
LinkedIn: Jadin Jones

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