Operation Red Wings Foundation, efforts to help Veterans

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Dale Enderlin, Executive Director, and Morgan Sierra, Director of Operations, with Operation Red Wings Foundation who highlight the nonprofit organization that specializes in helping Veterans and their families heal from invisible wounds.

Operation Red Wings Foundation provides relief, direction, and hope to military families with tools that provide relief from the symptoms of PTSD, mTBI and chronic pain. We offer in-person and virtual programs, all at no cost.

During the interview, Dale and Morgan share more about how they help Veterans, active service members and their families through 6-day therapeutic retreats that focus on wellness and trauma recovery, the impact of those retreats and importance of their efforts for the individuals, their families, and our communities. They also talk about how Veterans and active service members can sign up for a retreat from anywhere and how the community can support their efforts.

Visit www.orwfoundation.org to learn more.

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