Memphis Oral School for the Deaf: empowering deaf children to listen, learn, and talk.

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Andrea Baird, Executive Director of Memphis Oral School for the Deaf, who highlights the nonprofit organization’s mission and efforts to empower deaf children to listen, learn, and talk. Based in Germantown, Tennessee, MOSD has been serving families from all over the Mid-South and beyond since 1959. At MOSD, no sign language is used. Through early intervention and diagnosis, speech and language therapies, and advanced technologies and audiological services, deaf children can develop necessary listening and spoken language skills to become a part of, rather than apart from, a world of sound.

During the interview, Andrea talks about their different programs, their impact on the children and families, the specialization of their team, their collaborative approach and reach across the Mid-South, and how the community can support their efforts, including their upcoming 12th Annual Speakeasy being hosted at The Great Hall & Conference Center on April 29, 2023.

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