ConantLeadership and The Blueprint Leadership Summit

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Doug Conant, who is an internationally renowned business leader, New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, keynote speaker, and social media influencer with over 40 years of leadership experience at world-class global companies. Conant honed his leadership craft at the most senior levels, first as President of Nabisco Foods Company, then as CEO of Campbell Soup Company, and then as Chairman of Avon Products. In 2011, he founded ConantLeadership, a mission-driven community of leaders and learners who are championing leadership that works in the 21st century.

During the interview, Doug shares some of his personal story and leadership philosophy, talks about some of his experiences at Campbell Soup Company and the importance of focusing on the workplace before the marketplace, defines how VUCA has shifted to BANI, and how ConantLeadership is purpose-driven and equipping leaders to improve their leadership profile in an authentic way. He details The Blueprint Leadership Summit taking place on April 24-28, their Virtual Blueprint Bootcamps, and how you can access free resources to get started on your journey.

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