A-Z Office Resource: Supporting Local Businesses

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Bill Vaughan, Vice President of Resource Development with A-Z Office Resource, who highlights the family-run business that offers more than office supplies and specializes in streamlining any business’ supply chain by providing over 50,000 products on a single truck playable to a single vendor.

During the interview, Bill talks about the different product lines and services offered, how technology continues to change the game, changing dynamics with work environments and what that means for office supplies, and how they have innovated by partnering with other local businesses.

He also highlights owners, Julia and Butch West, and their commitment to serving and giving back in the community. He discusses their support of the nonprofit, Men of Valor, and the Boys and Girls Clubs in Columbia, Tennessee. Bill wraps up by highlighting the importance of supporting local businesses and the power of keeping dollars local.

Visit https://azorinc.com/locations/#nashville to learn more.

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