GET ON BOARD Virtual Nonprofit Workshop: Creating Successful Fundraising Events

GET ON BOARD is a quarterly, virtual event series hosted by cityCURRENT and The Assisi Foundation of Memphis, Inc. to help nonprofit leaders and those serving on nonprofit boards become more successful with their efforts.

This session focuses on “Creating Successful Fundraising Events.” It features Dusky Norsworthy from Behind the Scenes, who discusses event trends, planning and staging, being creative with limited resources, and leveraging staff and volunteers to create experiences that can exceed your fundraising goals. After the presentation, Dusky is joined by a panel of board members and nonprofits to discuss the topic.

Panelists include David Scully, President of Duncan Williams Asset Management; Frances Tortorich, Director of Development with The Children’s Museum of Memphis; and Elizabeth Ennis, Senior Development Manager with the American Cancer Society.

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