Element 47, Eric Jackson, highlights how AI is being used in marketing.

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Eric Jackson, Founder and CEO of Element 47, who shares some of his entrepreneurial journey and what led him to launch the strategic branding and marketing agency based in Middle Tennessee. Element 47 helps companies unlock their potential with powerful and authentic branding optimally leveraged through digital marketing assets that enable companies to grow and prosper.

Eric Jackson, is a serial entrepreneur who has founded and sold companies in several industries including printing, managed services, and website development. During that time, Eric has served as President of the Hendersonville Rotary Club, Hendersonville Chamber of Commerce, and EO Nashville, the local chapter of Entrepreneurs’ Organization. Eric remains active in EO as co-host of the podcast “The Decision by EO Nashville” which interviews business leaders about why and how they make difficult decisions in business and life.

During the interview, Eric shares how some of his previous businesses have been impacted by technology and industry trends, and how that has played an important role in shaping Element 47 and now leveraging newer technologies, like Artificial Intelligence. He talks about some of the specific tools, like ChatGPT and Grammarly, and how AI is helping to shape the marketing and advertising industries, allowing them to pre-test and predict campaigns and outcomes. He also talks about the importance of strategy, understanding your target audience(s) and the role that marketing plays more broadly versus sales, and then wraps up with where to go to access free resources and to sign up for their informative newsletter.

Learn more:  https://element47.co/

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