Lonnie Mayne highlights lessons from bestselling book, Red Shoes Living, and talks about next book

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Lonnie Mayne, an internationally recognized high performance consultant, keynote speaker, and bestselling author of “Red Shoes Living: Stand Out for the Positive in How You Work and How You Live,” who shares some of his personal background and what led him to found Red Shoes Living. Red Shoes Living is an award winning philosophy and five-step framework that leadership teams are deploying organization-wide to engage employees, win the battle for top talent, create standout customer experiences, and build meaningful cultures that people get inspired to be a part of each and every day. Red Shoes Living is a call to stand out for the positive in all that you do.

During the interview, Lonnie shares the framework and some examples in how to apply Red Shoes Living, and then talks about his next book, which will be coming out soon.

Visit www.lonniemayne.com to learn more.

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