Mastering Media and Perseverance – A Conversation with Best-Selling Author and Musician, Amy Scruggs

Host Andrew Bartolotta sits down with Amy Scruggs as she delves into her inspiring journey of media maven and country music artist. Known for her powerful presence on national TV shows like ‘The American Dream TV’, ‘Retiring Right TV’, and ‘Veterans One TV’, Amy shares insights from her diverse and successful career.

From her early days in country music to becoming a best-selling author with her book ‘Lights Camera Action’, Amy reveals how she navigated the complex world of media and the music industry. We discuss her recent hit single ‘What if it All Goes Right’, which is charting worldwide and reached #66 on the Music Row Charts. She also shares her experiences working with veterans and the impact of her involvement.

As a renowned media coach, Amy offers invaluable tips for professionals looking to improve their virtual communication skills. Her unique perspective comes from her extensive experience as a TV host, recording artist, public speaker, corporate spokesperson, and sales professional.

Tune in as Amy discusses how she manages the demands of her diverse roles, and the biggest challenges she’s faced as a self-managed entrepreneur.

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