EighteenTwelve and Sonics Lacrosse in Nashville

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Kyle Harrison and Sean Cady, co-owners of EighteenTwelve LLC, which serves as the operating arm for Sonics Lacrosse in Nashville, Tennessee, who highlight the sport of lacrosse and how Team Eighteen and Sonics Lacrosse provides additional playing opportunities for players in Nashville and across North America.

During the interview, Kyle talks about being a former professional lacrosse player and NCAA National Champion with Johns Hopkins University, and how the sport of lacrosse helps empower and equip youth with the skills to succeed on and off the field. Sean discusses EighteenTwelve and how the sport is growing in Nashville and across the state with the Tennessee Scholastic Lacrosse Association now sanctioned in all of Tennessee. So, public schools will have access to add lacrosse as a varsity sport, rather than a club; and this takes place during the Spring 2024 season. Kyle and Sean both talk about ways to get your children involved in the sport and with Sonics Lacrosse, which provides regional playing opportunities and is sponsoring the Tennessee Lacrosse state championships on May 19-20 at Nolensville High School.

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