Isaiah 117 House: Changing the Way Foster Care Begins – Shelby County, Tennessee

Isaiah 117 House provides physical and emotional support in a safe and loving home for children awaiting placement.

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Virginia Roberts, Isaiah 117 House expansion coordinator for Shelby County, who shares some of her personal story as a foster parent and how she and her husband have adopted youth out of foster care, and how that led to her desire to help bring Isaiah 117 House to Shelby County, Tennessee. The mission of Isaiah 117 House is to reduce trauma for kids on removal day, lighten the load of the caseworker, and ease the transition for the foster family.

During the interview, Virginia shares how the Isaiah 117 House began in Carter County, Tennessee in 2018, and has since expanded into 8 states with 15 houses, and 42 counties now in the process of opening additional houses. She talks about the need in Shelby County with more than 1,200 kids in state custody in Memphis, Tennessee. Virginia talks about the power and importance of Isaiah 117 House, the plans for Shelby County, and how the community can support the effort.

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