Navigate the Journey: Proven Processes to Help You Succeed

Traci Schubert Barrett highlights book, "What If There's More?"

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Traci Schubert Barrett, Founder and President of Navigate the Journey, and author of the book, “What If There’s More? Finding Significance Beyond Success,” who shares some of her entrepreneurial journey as one of the founders of the national cable television network, HGTV, and what led her to take the leap of faith in creating a new path.

During the interview, Traci discusses her mission to come alongside leaders to help them understand more clearly the meaning and purpose behind their work, to articulate their unique gifts and know how to utilize them for a positive impact. She talks about her book, which takes the reader on a journey to to rediscover who they are today and reimagine a future based on a new definition of success, once focused on a positive and significant impact. She also highlights her new online course based on the framework outlined in the book, called Strategic Life Map Academy, and how you can start taking the steps to help you understand what got you to where you are today, reframe self-limiting patterns, articulate more clearly your unique design, understand the purpose behind your work, and craft a detailed vision for your future.

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