Higginbotham + Stillwater Ecosystem: Cyber Security Collaboration

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Dudley Ray, Managing Partner in the Houston, Texas region with Higginbotham, and Stacey Horne, Stillwater Ecosystem founder and servant leader, who highlight the strategic partnership between the two firms and how they work together to help clients proactively assess, mitigate and transfer cyber risk, and then respond appropriately if anything should happen. Higginbotham is a single source solution for insurance, financial and HR services, ranked in the top 20 largest independent insurance brokerages in the U.S. The employee-owned firm, based in Fort Worth, Texas, opened in 1948 and today serves businesses and individuals through locations across the nation. The Stillwater Ecosystem is a collection of 40+ companies that focus on proactive cyber measures with each company in the system bringing a strategic strength and expertise to the team and situation when needed.

During the interview, Dudley and Stacey provide perspective on the value and importance of the strategic collaboration and how it benefits clients, talk about trends in cyber security and cyber insurance, and share tips for protecting and positioning your business for success.

Visit www.higginbotham.com for more information.

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