Dhane Marques highlights US Tax Works 2.0 and benefits of Work Opportunity Tax Credit

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Dhane Marques, Director of US Tax Works 2.0, who shares the story of how he and his wife got into the business and became owners, and how US Tax Works 2.0 works with clients to maximize their Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC). All for profit businesses are eligible to receive benefits under the Work Opportunity Tax Credit program. Employers can earn credits up to $2,400 – and in certain cases $9,600 – per qualifying new hire. These credits are federally legislated initiatives to encourage employers to hire candidates who face certain barriers in employment. During the interview, Dhane discusses the Work Opportunity Tax Credits and how the process works, talks about some of the possible trends in future legislation and how companies can benefit by hiring from groups they might not have previously considered to create a win-win for the community.

Visit www.ustaxworks2llc.com to learn more.

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