Five Talents Faithful: Helping other nonprofits maximize stewardship through efficiency.

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Graham Gibbs, Founder and President of Five Talents Faithful, who shares some of his personal and professional background and what led him to launch the nonprofit with the purpose of “helping other nonprofit organizations as they strive towards good financial stewardship by making the most out of the resources they have been given.”

During the interview, Graham shares some of the ways Five Talents Faithful has worked with other nonprofits and churches on projects ranging from purchasing and product sourcing to transportation and overseas logistics. He provides an update on their goal to impact 1 million lives in 5 years with more than 716,000 lives already impacted through 60 organizations served, with a cost savings nearing $500,000. Graham wraps up talking about ways the community can support their efforts and how nonprofits can connect with Five Talents Faithful to see if they can help.

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