SweetBio: Wound CareKits

Simplifying your journey to closure with our collagen + honey advanced wound care products.

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Kayla Rodriguez Graff, CEO and Co-Founder, and Dr. Isaac Rodriguez, Chief Science Officer and Co-Founder, who highlight their Memphis, Tennessee-based medical device company that leverages the power of Manuka honey to simplify the healing journey to closure with a new easy-to-apply wound dressing.

During the interview, Kayla and Isaac talk about the technology and “natural” benefits, and discuss how the pandemic shifted care to the home and how the company has innovated to create Wound CareKits that can be prescribed for use at home. They talk about some of the important steps they have taken over the last two years to increase access through partnerships and insurance reimbursements and how that ties into their purpose of providing advanced wound care for all. They also discuss some of the different wounds being treated and results with Dermatology and Podiatry, and how people can get their products and kits.

Visit http://www.sweetbio.com to learn more or email info@sweetbio.com for more information.

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