Building Stronger Communities through Art, Running and Neighborly Bonds

The theme of this month’s episode of The SPARK is “Building Stronger Communities through Art, Running and Neighborly Bonds”.

Host Jeremy C. Park interviews Lar’Juanette Williams, Executive Director of Memphis Black Arts Alliance, a nonprofit working to improve the quality of life and economic wellbeing of the Mid-South through the preservation, celebration and advancement of African American arts; Dedra Macklin, Founder and CEO of Westwood-Indian Hills & Neighboring Developments (WIND Memphis), an organization advocating for community and capacity building in the 38109 area; and Dr. Cheryl Kelley-Henderson, Founder and CEO of Run 4our Life, a group of women who are transforming their health, hearts, and minds through running.

Plus, a profile of the 2022 Spark Award winner ServiceMaster by Cornerstone.

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