Fostering Emotional Intelligence – Brittany Plumeri on Writing Children’s Books and Teaching

Host Andrew Bartolotta sits down with Brittany Plumeri, a bestselling children’s book author, elementary school teacher, and mother, who has dedicated her life to teaching empathy in fun and engaging ways.

Brittany shares the inspiration behind her beloved stories and how she infuses each tale with lessons on self-esteem, confidence, kindness, and manners. She gives us an inside look into her upcoming book in the popular Monster Manners Lab series and explains what makes her books interactive and engaging for young readers.

We explore Brittany’s unique balancing act – juggling her roles as a teacher, mother, and author, and how these experiences shape her writing. Brittany also opens up about the challenges and rewards of self-publishing, and how she supports other authors through her publishing company, Once Upon a Page Press.

This conversation is brimming with insights for educators, parents, and anyone interested in promoting emotional intelligence and a love for reading in children. From tips on fostering a nurturing learning environment, to the impact of storytelling on shaping a child’s character, Brittany’s passion and expertise shine through.

Tune in to discover how Brittany Plumeri is making a difference in children’s literature and in the lives of her young readers.

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