Raise Financial’s Vision for an Inclusive Economy with Wesley Belden

Host Andrew Bartolotta delves into an enlightening conversation with Wesley Belden, a visionary fin-tech entrepreneur on a mission to use capitalism as a tool to remedy the challenges caused by capitalism itself.

Drawing upon his unique background in finance, entrepreneurship, and diverse fields of study, Wesley offers a rare and rounded perspective on the current state of our financial system and the pivotal role that fintech can play in forging a more equitable future with his organization, Raise Financial.

This episode navigates Wesley’s journey from his humble beginnings to managing a portfolio worth over $1 billion, highlighting the drive and tenacity that led him to establish Raise Financial and Raise Education. With these ventures, Wesley aims to bridge the generational wealth gaps, streamline savings for college education, and empower thousands of families to secure their financial futures.

Particularly captivating is Wesley’s discussion around Raise Investment, a revolutionary product that aims to democratize stock ownership, paralleling the impact of mortgages on home ownership.

From explaining the detrimental effects of subscription services on wealth disparity to presenting novel strategies for optimizing 529 college savings plans, Wesley imparts invaluable financial insights. He deciphers the power of compounding returns and elaborates on how Raise Financial is making long-term investments more accessible for young Americans.

This episode is a treasure trove of wisdom for anyone seeking to navigate their financial journey more effectively, underscoring the importance of starting to invest early, regardless of one’s financial literacy or available capital. Wesley’s passion to fix the systemic issues of capitalism is evident throughout, making this episode a must-watch for all those aspiring to improve their financial futures.

Join us as we explore Wesley Belden’s vision for a fairer, more inclusive financial system that serves the interest of the common man and not just the ‘fat cats’. It’s not just an interview, it’s an opportunity to rethink personal finance through the lens of an innovative thought leader.

Learn more: https://www.raisefinancial.com/

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