Dextrous Robotics: building smart robots for logistics

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Evan Drumwright, CEO and Co-Founder of Dextrous Robotics, who highlights the Memphis-based company and how their unique bimanual manipulation technology allows package logistics, 3PLs, warehousing, and retail customers to autonomously and precisely move packages and objects of nearly any size, shape, or material with superhuman strength and speed. With its first product, DX-1, the company is automating bulk container unloading. DX-1 has two chopstick-like arms that can pick packages out of a floor-loaded shipping container and place them on a conveyor.

During the interview, Evan discusses the technology, how they’re working with The Armstrong Company, and how the robots add value to both the workforce and companies utilizing them. By automating trailer unloading, the human role is unskilled to operating the robot to do the heavy lifting. Additional skilled jobs are also created, including robot designers, manufacturers, deployment engineers, programmers, etc. to build and maintain the robotic system. Evan also talks about the importance of being headquartered in Memphis, their scope to work with companies around the nation and world, advice for other entrepreneurs, and how the community can support their efforts.

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