Immersive Disney Animation: Now playing at Lighthouse ArtSpace Nashville

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Corey Ross, co-founder of Lighthouse Immersive, who highlights Immersive Disney Animation, which is now playing at Lighthouse ArtSpace Nashville (4416 Ridgefield Way) through August 13, 2023.

During the interview, Corey shares how Lighthouse Immersive teamed with Walt Disney Animation Studios to present the music and artistry within Disney Animation’s canon of films. Included are hits of today like Encanto, Zootopia and Frozen, to all of the classics including The Lion King, Peter Pan, and Pinocchio. Audiences will feel like they’ve entered the incredible worlds of beloved Disney characters and become one with them. Additional interactive features with the projection show include responsive floor projection design that moves with the audience and custom bracelets that light up in synch with the projections based on the audiences’ movements through the galleries. Corey shares how they are able to bring these experiences to life and shares some of his favorite moments, including the Gazillion Bubbles special effects team that fills the 500,000 cubic feet of galleries with bubbles.

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