IMPACT Events & IMPACT Effect 23 Conference October 27, 2023

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Jim Morris, CEO of IMPACT Events, who shares what led him to start bringing entrepreneurs together through the pandemic and to launch his company in 2020.

During the interview, Jim talks about how IMPACT Events has grown from hosting smaller networking events to producing larger events with some of the most highly respected leaders in the community with a focus on education. He discusses their upcoming IMPACT Effect 23 conference, which is being held in downtown Nashville, Tennessee on October 27, 2023. The event will feature 10 national speakers and local partners to the central business district with a focus on changing the lives and future trajectory of 500 attendees.

During the interview, Jim spotlights some of the speakers and topics for the conference, and talks about how you can sign up to attend. He also talks about ways to get involved with IMPACT Events throughout the year with their other hosted events and efforts.

Visit to learn more about the conference and to learn more about IMPACT Events.

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