The Refuge Center for Counseling

The Refuge Center exists to offer excellent, accessible and affordable mental and emotional healthcare services in support of a transformational impact on communities.

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Patty Eller, Director of Development for The Refuge Center for Counseling, who highlights the Middle Tennessee-based nonprofit organization’s mission and efforts to offer excellent, accessible, and affordable mental and emotional healthcare services to support the transformation in our communities.

During the interview, Patty shares some of the history for the organization and talks about the many specialized therapies offered, including EMDR, Nuerofeedback, Play therapy and expressive arts for children, PCIT (Parent- Child Interaction Therapy), and Trauma focused therapy. She also discusses the groups that are currently being offered, like Men’s Emotions, Becoming the leader you want to follow, and Finding Community in Chronic Illness and Pain. All of The Refuge Center for Counseling’s services are offered on a sliding fee scale, so everyone, regardless of income, can afford quality counseling services. Patty talks about their model, their new facility and how the community can support their efforts.

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