MVP3 Foundation & MVP3 Network: Streaming Platform Focused on “Community”

MVP3 Network prides itself to deliver good content that is productive, and responsible for our society, as a whole.

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Marie Pizano, who is the CEO and Founder of MVP3 Media Group; Founder of MVP3 Network; and Chairwoman of the Board, President and Founder of The MVP3 Foundation, who provides some background on the different media entities and how they come together to create synergy in benefiting the community.

The MVP3 Foundation is a member-supported nonprofit educational and entertainment organization that creates opportunities for communities to experience film, theater, artworks, culinary, and music to inspire, educate, challenge, and entertain. MVP3 Network is the new over-the-top social video and multi-channel network that connects audiences around the globe and delivers good content that is productive and responsible for society, as a whole.

During the interview, Marie talks about MVP3 Media Group, The MVP3 Foundation and MVP3 Network, some of the projects she and her teams are working on, launching into the news, the importance of providing access and opportunities for local artists, and how the community can support and access the nonprofit and network.

Visit to learn more about The MVP3 Foundation, and to learn more about MVP3 Network.

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