The Beat of Life: The Power of Therapeutic Songwriting

"Because music can save a life..."

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Jeni Dominelli, Founder and CEO of The Beat of Life, who shares some of her personal story and the reason she launched the music based charity that creates therapeutic songwriting programs for our most vulnerable populations.

During the interview, Jeni discusses how music helped her connect with her father, who was incarcerated for 12 years when she was a child, and how it helped her process the emotions and navigate through the challenges. She talks about the organization’s programs including “Redemption Songs,” which is geared toward the incarcerated and those in halfway houses; “Sing It To Stop It,” which is geared toward children and teens who are being bullied or going through difficulties; and “Beautiful Minds,” which is geared toward adults and teens battling depression, mental illness, and at suicide risk.

Jeni also talks about their residency with Sheriff Daron Hall and the Nashville Sheriff’s Office and how they are expanding their partnerships with other cities, like Memphis. Additionally, The Beat of Life was approached by Nashville and Country Music’s new hit artist Jellyroll to partner with him for a new Juvenile Detention Program. Jeni wraps up with ways the community can support their efforts and get involved.

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