Memphis Goodwill – 100th Anniversary!

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Tina Blackmon, Senior Vice President of Operations for Memphis Goodwill, along with Latisha Robertson, Vice President of Contract Services, who both highlight the 100th Anniversary for the organization dedicated to the mission to change the lives of people with disabilities and other barriers to employment through the power of work, education, and empowerment.

During the interview, Tina and Latisha discuss the importance of their Donation Centers and how they provide job opportunities for hundreds of individuals who might not otherwise have the chance to succeed and thrive independently. They talk about the Memphis Goodwill Contracts Programs, which offers sanitation services and switchboard operation employment opportunities to over 500 individuals with disabilities through crucial partnerships with federal and state governments, empowering people toward financial prosperity. They also highlight The Excel Center, which is Goodwill’s free high school for adults, which provides opportunities to earn a high school diploma, industry-recognized certifications and college credits – all at no cost. They wrap up with the importance of donations and how the community can support their efforts.

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