Elmington Elevates: Providing free after-school programs.

Since 2015, Elmington Elevates has been providing school supplies, canned food, and toys to children in the states that Elmington serves.

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Crystal Blaylock, Executive Director of Elmington Elevates, who shares the story of how employee engagement at the Elmington family of companies led to the establishment of the independent nonprofit organization focused on the mission to “elevate our community to learn, grow, and thrive.”

During the interview, Crystal talks about the evolution and growth of the nonprofit, their collaborative approach to engaging the community, and the impact of some of their programs, including ElevateU and ToyFest. ElevateU is an after-school program that is 100% free to families and includes an Investment Hour to improve academic success, social and emotional learning, nutrition and mentoring. ToyFest will be marking its 10-year anniversary in 2023, and over the last 6 years has been hosted at Carter-Lawrence Engineering Magnet School in Nashville. Students participate in games and crafts, enjoy a 30-foot bounce house, and every student goes home with toys. During the interview, Crystal discusses why these programs are so important and how the community can support their efforts.

Visit www.elmingtonelevates.org to learn more and get involved.

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