STS Enterprise Corporation – Efforts to ignite talent pipeline.

STS Enterprise Corporation is a leadership development organization, dedicated to cultivating wiser, more disciplined and productive young men and women.

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Alton Cryer and Jeremy Calhoun, co-founders of STS Enterprise Corporation, who highlights the Memphis, Tennessee-based nonprofit organization serving 13 to 24-year old minorities to help them gain confidence, life skills, and tools for secondary or post-graduate opportunities to achieve economic mobility through mentorship, workshops, exposure to careers and experiences, and talent placement.

During the interview, Alton and Jeremy discuss starting the organization as college students at the University of Memphis and how their own personal and professional journeys have helped them connect and impact youth over more than a decade now. They talk about some of their main programs, including STS Strive for middle and high school students, and STS Elite for college students. They also talk about their new program, Bridging the Gap, which connects youth and young professionals with industry experts who can share their experiences in a given career through virtual meetings and events. In an hour or less, business professionals can expose students to new career paths and opportunities and build relationships that can bring our community closer together. Alton and Jeremy wrap up by talking about the many ways the community can support their efforts and how that support will help Memphis and the Mid-South.

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