Unlocking the Secret to a Thriving Workplace with Lori-Ann Duguay

Host Andrew Bartolotta dives into the world of employee engagement and the secrets to a thriving workplace with Lori-Ann Duguay, the CEO of People-Powered Solutions.

Having navigated the challenges of the traditional corporate world for over two decades, Lori-Ann brings a unique perspective on how to foster environments where people truly want to work, stay, and excel. We delve deep into her 3M (Measure, Map, Mobilize) approach, a transformative roadmap for creating fulfilling workplace cultures that both attract and retain top-tier talent.

In her insightful new book, “The Happiness Factor: How to create a positive and productive workplace,” Lori-Ann Duguay masterfully draws from her decades of experience to guide readers on cultivating work environments that not only drive productivity but also foster genuine joy and fulfillment.

From the nuances of talent development to the delicate balance of employee engagement, Lori-Ann enlightens us with her vast knowledge, practical insights, and her passion for creating positive, productive workspaces. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or an established business leader, this conversation with Lori-Ann Duguay offers a treasure trove of wisdom for anyone keen to revolutionize their workplace.

Learn more: https://bepeoplepowered.com/

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