Jared Barnett from Slingshot Memphis and John Martinez from MDRC provide update on MemWorks

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Jared Barnett, CEO of Slingshot Memphis, and John Martinez, Vice President and Director of Program Development with MDRC, who each share some background on their organization and the importance of collaborating for MemWorks to identify the root causes of employment roadblocks for Memphis experiencing poverty so evidence-based solutions can be implemented to enable pathways to economic mobility.

During the interview, Jared and John provide an update on the insights after concluding the initial round of data research. They discuss five of the ten most significant Roadblocks MemWorks has identified, including insufficient math and literacy proficiency impeding entry to and success in technical training, the lack of resources and support that allow seemingly insignificant factors to derail the completion of career and technical education programs, and limited coordination within and between systems making accessing workforce services unmanageable.

Jared and John highlight how MemWorks is moving into the primary research phase where Slingshot Memphis and MDRC will work with local organizations who serve in these areas every day and will verify findings against the lived experience of Memphians. They also shares some of the solutions that are being explored and how the community can support their efforts with MemWorks.

Visit www.memworks.org to learn more about MemWorks. Visit www.slingshotmemphis.org to learn more about Slingshot Memphis. Visit www.mdrc.org to learn more about MDRC.

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