Empowering Black & Latinx Students as Entrepreneurs with LITE Memphis

Host Andrew Bartolotta sits down with Larissa Gregory, the executive director of LITE Memphis as she shares their quest to close the racial wealth gap in Memphis, focusing on empowering Black and Latino/a/x students.

Discover how their recent significant grant from the NBA Foundation will amplify their mission, allowing them to reach more students and further their impact.

Larissa delves into LITE’s inspiring programs, from the 16-week Youth Entrepreneur Program to their extensive 8-year alumni engagement initiative.

This discussion not only sheds light on the nonprofit’s transformative work but also the broader vision for a more equitable Memphis.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, educator, student, or just someone passionate about societal change, this conversation is sure to inspire and inform.

Learn more: https://litememphis.org/

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