Harwood Center and efforts to support Mid-South children and families

Our program consists of therapeutic services for children age 2 through transition to kindergarten who have a diagnosed developmental disability or are experiencing delays in their development or have behavior challenges.

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Rachel Lauletta, Executive Director of Harwood Center, who highlights the private nonprofit agency that provides education, therapy, and support for Mid-South families and children who have developmental disabilities. Since 1957, Harwood Center has helped more than 5,000 children with developmental disabilities get a better start in life.

During the interview, Rachel shares some of the history for the organization and talks about their programs and services, their highly skilled staff, the power of utilizing Applied Behavior Analysis, and how they work with children and families in a very individualized approach to create success. She shares a recent success story and also talks about how the community can support their efforts.

Visit www.harwoodcenter.org to learn more.

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