Stronger Than My Father – The importance of mentoring youth.

Help End The Fatherless Cycle. One Child at a Time.

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Marcus Meneese, Sr., Founder and Executive Director of Stronger Than My Father, who shares what lead him to launch the Middle Tennessee-based nonprofit in 2013 with a focus on helping to end the fatherless cycle one child at a time. The organization’s mission is to educate, inspire and transform today’s youth and families to fulfill their God-given purpose.

During the interview, Marcus talks about their different programs, including Hope Leadership Academy and Stronger Sons Mentoring, along with his podcast focused on sharing stories of impact from those who grew up with and without father figures. He discusses the power of mentorship and treating youth like his “sons” and how that is paving the way for generational change as young people are equipped and empowered with the values and skills they need to become exceptional community leaders, role models and parents. He also talks about how the community can get involved in supporting their efforts.

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