Gold’s Gym Tennessee: Newest Location in Memphis

Since 1965, no gym has been responsible for more life-changing transformations and fitness achievements than Gold’s Gym.

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Lauren Shaefer, Area Manager with Gold’s Gym Tennessee, who shares her personal experience with Gold’s Gym coming from Venice, California, and highlights Gold’s Gym Tennessee and their newest location in Memphis at 888 South White Station Road.

During the interview, Lauren shares some of the history and legacy for Gold’s Gym, which has been focused on life-changing transformations and fitness since 1965, and talks about some of the things that make the experience at Gold’s Gym unique.

She discusses advancements and innovations in equipment, the importance of education and guidance for success, and the power of fitness for mental health and wellbeing with the flip of working out “for vanity to now working out for sanity.” Lauren also talks about the importance of being connected in the community, the affordability of memberships, and how businesses are now leveraging gym memberships to help their employees access and enjoy the benefits of Gold’s Gym.

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