Christmas Chronicles: A Captivating cityCURRENT Conversation with Santa Claus

In a festive and enchanting episode of the cityCURRENT Show, host Andrew Bartolotta had the privilege of sitting down with the embodiment of the holiday spirit — Santa Claus himself!

Dive into the magic of the North Pole, uncover the behind-the-scenes operations of the most anticipated night of the year, and get to know the heart and soul of St. Nick.

From tales of mischievous elves to the technicalities of navigating a sleigh worldwide, Santa shares it all.

So, grab a cup of cocoa or your favorite cookies, settle down by the fireplace, and join us for an episode that celebrates the warmth, wonder, and whimsy of Christmas.

If you’re in the Middle Tennessee Area, you can learn more about Santa visiting you in person or virtually and your organization here. You can also book a photo opportunity with Santa Shaw and your family at The Big Event

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