Unwrapping the Heartfelt Tale of Ruth’s Ducks with Michele Garza

In this episode of the cityCURRENT Show, host Andrew Bartolotta chats with Michele Garza, the self-published author and compassionate soul behind the touching Christmas tale of Ruth’s Ducks. Michele unfolds the journey of how a simple Christmas gift exchange at a young age blossomed into a lifelong lesson and eventually, a beautiful book and ornament aimed at spreading the message of empathy, understanding, and giving back to the community.

Michele recounts the disappointment she felt as a child when she received a pair of wax ducks instead of a fancied toy, and how her perspective transformed over the years, especially when her family went through financial hardships. Her narrative is a genuine reflection on the values of gratitude, understanding, and the importance of cherishing what we have.

She also delves into the process of self-publishing her story, the significance of pre-sales for self-published authors, and how the love and support from the community helped her project exceed its Kickstarter goal, showcasing the power of storytelling and community support.

With each sale of Ruth’s Ducks, Michele contributes a portion of the proceeds to local charities, aiding in providing Christmas gifts to children in need, thus embodying the very essence of the story – giving back. This story resonates with audiences, reminding us of the profound impact small acts of kindness can have and the importance of nurturing a giving spirit, especially during the holiday season.

This episode is not only a dive into a touching personal narrative but also an inspiring testament to how stories from our past can be crafted into meaningful initiatives that foster a culture of generosity and community support. Through Ruth’s Ducks, Michele Garza is indeed weaving a legacy of love, understanding, and charitable giving, one story at a time.

Learn more: https://www.ruthsducks.com/ | Follow Michele on TikTok: @ogarza

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