GET ON BOARD: How to be Helpful when you’re Helping

This cityCURRENT  GET ON BOARD virtual event is a quarterly, virtual event series hosted by cityCURRENT and The Assisi Foundation of Memphis, Inc. to help nonprofit leaders and those serving on nonprofit boards to be more successful with their efforts.

This event’s topic is “How to Be Helpful When You’re Helping,” featuring the Founder and CEO of Volunteer OdysseyDr. Sarah Petschonek.

Tune-in and explore the delicate art of doing good without doing harm. Well-intentioned volunteers sometimes cause unintentional issues for the affected populations. Our topic includes suggestions and best practices so that your volunteerism is effective, while also upholding the humanity of everyone involved.

To learn more about Corporate Compass, please fill out the form and join us in fulfilling Volunteer Odyssey’s mission to enrich our lives and communities through volunteering.

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