Mentorship, Vocational Training, & Spiritual Growth: The Holistic Approach of FrankTown Open Hearts

In this insightful conversation, host Andrew Bartolotta chats with Chris Barnhill, Executive Director of FrankTown Open Hearts, where he delved into the organization’s remarkable mission to uplift the lives of at-risk youth in Franklin, Tennessee.

From its hands-on vocational training and academic support to its emphasis on spiritual development and community engagement, FrankTown Open Hearts embodies a holistic approach to empowering these young individuals. With its annual FrankTown Festival of Lights, the organization raises awareness and funds for its crucial work.

We encourage the community of Franklin, Tennessee, and beyond to join hands in supporting FrankTown Open Hearts’ unwavering commitment to fostering a brighter future for at-risk youth. Let’s collectively inspire, empower, and equip these young minds to become the changemakers of tomorrow.

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