Lipscomb University Graduate Programs and Sustainability Education Series

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Dodd Galbreath, Associate Professor of Sustainability and Director of Graduate Programs at Lipscomb University, who talks about the importance of sustainability careers and how the graduate program at the Lipscomb University Institute for Sustainable Practice is preparing individuals to create positive change with a triple bottom line. The triple bottom line is a sustainability framework that measures a business’s success in three key areas: profit, people, and the planet.

During the interview, Dodd talks about some of the current environmental challenges and how energy plays a critical role, talks about how these challenges and the triple bottom line are woven into the graduate program, and how sustainability careers are meeting these challenges and creating success. He also shares some success stories and talks about the power of a graduate degree within the field of sustainability, and then highlights the upcoming 2024 webinar sustainability education series and how the community can get involved.

Visit   / lipscombisp   to learn more about the Lipscomb University Institute for Sustainable Practice. Visit   / lipscombclps   to learn more about the Lipscomb University College of Leadership and Public Service. Follow Dodd Galbreath on LinkedIn at   / doddgalbreath  . Visit to learn more about Lipscomb University.

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