The SPARK: Innovating for the Future

Looking around the Mid-South, there are countless organizations innovating for the future! Programs like Let’s Innovate Through Education are stepping into classrooms and working hard to help students with real-world problem solving, goal setting, and organization. They’re also providing mentoring with business leaders and investments to help the students take action and launch their social venture ideas to improve our city. Memphis Bioworks is sparking new levels of economic vitality by investing in entrepreneurs, building state of the art labs and facilities, and training the next generation of workers. They’re developing new uses and biobased products made from agricultural products and taking a leadership role with STEM based education, as well. Companies like NovaCopy are further pushing the envelope to enable us to work faster and more efficiently. They’re empowering us with new tools to be more creative and also more giving, like the ability to provide a webbed foot for the duck, Buttercup. So, let’s keep dreaming big, keep innovating, and working toward a brighter tomorrow. 

Memphis Partners

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