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Throughout their history, oil companies have been accused of having an adverse effect on our society and our world as a whole; isn’t it about time to change that opinion? It is possible with the introduction of new technologies, to clean up both the image of oil companies and the environments that are directly affected by their presence. Oil companies have withstood countless criticisms and numerous changes, but now it’s time to make the most important change of all – becoming green.

GoHeroic.com is proposing to define a vision of turning the nation’s oil corporations into self-sustainable green companies. We see this happening through a series of scientific advances in new technologies such as that being introduced by ECT which we are bringing into effect as ECT EXpress this year here in Memphis. This new development which will enable a 70 -99% reduction in fuel emissions and a minimum 15% - 86 increase in fuel range is only the beginning. With the cooperation of the nation’s leading oil firms, Heroic can open the door to amazing results for constant speed Generators which we will be applying our ECOPOD 2.0.

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