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Friends Life Community empowers each participant to live as independently as possible as they age out of high school and other traditional support programs. Through continuing education and job training, we provide our Friends with every opportunity to achieve their full potential and discover their place within the community and the world.

Friends Life Community– mission, to provide opportunities to adults and teenagers with intellectual and developmental disabilities to grow personally, develop socially, and be active members in the community. The Friends (participants) have many strengths and deserve the opportunities to develop their potential. After high school, many individuals with IDD are limited in their options, they lose peers, and lose the added support needed to overcome obstacles. Friends Life was created to open doors and expand their support system so that everyone has a place to belong in community. Learn more: 

Service Learning and Employment – The Friends provide over 2,000 hours of volunteer work to nonprofits in Nashville as they gain skills and teach community members the benefits of inclusion. We also have Employment Impact Partners, such as Edley’s BBQ – Edley’s has hired three Friends from Friends Life and partners with us on trainings to help additional Friends learn employment skills and for Friends Life staff to educate Edley’s staff on inclusion.  Learn more: 

Visual and Performing Arts – Confidence and self-advocacy are fundamental to any individual meeting personal and professional goals. Friends have the opportunities to create their own art and better express themselves when typical communication can be difficult through vision and performing arts. Last year the Friends had over 200 original pieces of art on display in two galleries, performed an original play, wrote a script for a film that will be produced this year, and has written and are currently rehearsing their play for 2019. They perform these plays throughout Nashville on various stages and improv settings at corporations. It is a great way for our corporate sponsors to include their whole team in seeing how they are giving the Friends opportunities and how the Friends are taking those opportunities and excelling. Learn more:

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