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Signet Sealed - Sarah Baumann | The story behind the cities.....

I'm so interested in cities and their importance, and I feel lucky to have two cities that I call home (San Antonio, Texas, and Memphis, TN). I started doodling "city prints" (before they had that name) while I was studying abroad as a Rhodes College student- I didn't have much of a desire to journal, but I wanted a way to remember everything that I was seeing. I would write out the name of the city really big in the middle, and then doodle around the edges- buildings, people, foods, snippits of conversations. It was a fun way for me to process what was happening, and people traveling with me started noticing them and encouraged me to do something with my doodles.

There are now many of these "city prints" in my shop, and I love the stories that they tell. My favorite thing is hearing about people buying multiple prints, and telling their story to guests and friends through them.

City Prints // recently passed the 100-city mark, with 100+ hometown centered designs. I interview or talk to a local before I complete every one, and we now have 50+ wholesalers across the US.

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Exciting growth! About to outsource all shipping to a fulfillment center in Texas (my home state) - so they'll store all of my inventory and be able to ship all orders same day. We shipped almost 1000 orders between black Friday and Christmas, so looking forward to delegating the shipping aspect of the business!

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