Nashville Radio Show: Cumberland River Compact

The Cumberland River Compact focuses on root causes of water pollution in both urban and rural areas of the Cumberland River Basin. In Nashville, the Compact works to advance ambitious goals with the city that address issues such as stormwater runoff, air and water quality, and water education.

Root Nashville -- the City of Nashville’s ambitious tree planting campaign, led by the Cumberland River Compact in partnership with the Mayor’s office, to plant 500,000 trees in Davidson County by 2050.

Earth Month Cleanups in April -- We partner with cities and groups in the Month of April to organize large, public spring waterway cleanups to get people involved in water stewardship and to beautify areas in need. Funded by Tennessee Valley Authority, and the Tennessee Department of Transportation special litter prevention program

“Green” Innovations -- Some of the areas the Compact has demonstrated green solutions to urban water pollution:

  • Green Alleys in East Nashville
  • Residential Rain Gardens
  • Depave -- turning parking lots into green space
  • Stormwater retrofits in Nolensville -- Implementation of parking lot retrofits at Nolensville High School

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