Caregiver's Respite - Supporting Mid-South Family Caregivers

Caregiver's Respite is a nonprofit organization that supports family caregivers through education, encouragement, and events. Their mission is to empower family caregivers as they care for loved ones.

They support Family Caregivers in many ways like their monthly support group, annual preparing to care initiatives (which includes a health literacy workshop that helps family caregivers communicate better with their healthcare professional) and their Caregivers Financial Summit, which allows a family caregiver with financial literacy is well is encouraging them to plan for their own care.

They also have sessions in the community called Concerns for Caregivers. These are hour-long sessions that start conversations with caregivers and families who will be caring for their loved ones to be proactive instead of reactive. They aim to inform them on the latest caregiving statistics, the state of caregiving, also different laws that will affect the family caregiver.

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